Box empanadas

Box empanadas

Mexico stands out as a country with excellent gastronomy. Its typical dishes are known worldwide for their peculiar flavors and unique recipes. If you like to cook and experiment with new and exquisite flavors, then bet and prepare the cajeta empanadas.

Ingredients of the cajeta empanadas

In order for the dish to retain its traditional and typical flavor, it is necessary to comply with each and every one of the ingredients. Therefore, you must know how to prepare empanadas, they are a simple way to make a dessert, which is mostly liked by everyone.

Cajeta or dulce de leche

The dulce de leche can be made or you can put only the condensed milk to boil.

1 can of condensed milk.

1 liter of milk.

200 grams of sugar.

For the mass

50 grams of sugar.

225 grams of butter.

430 grams of flour.

A pinch of salt.

2 eggs.

Preparation of the cajeta empanadas

Cajeta empanadas are very easy to make. The difficulty is medium, the little complexity of the recipe is in the preparation of the dough.

Step 1

For the dough it will be necessary to place salt and sugar in a container and mix it. Then add the butter and mix until all the materials come together.

Step 2

Using the mixer can make the job easier by mixing until it turns whitish in color.

Step 3

Then the eggs and flour are poured. Mix until all the ingredients are compacted and add two tablespoons of cold water. After the dough takes shape, it should be left to rest for 30 minutes.

Step 4

To make the sweet you need a can of condensed milk. A pot or container will be placed to boil and water will be poured. Boil the can with the condensed milk for 2 or 3 hours.

step 5

Hours are allowed to pass and the can must be cooled before opening. The last step will be simple and quick to assemble the empanadas and fill them with the cajeta or dulce de leche.

step 6

To assemble, the portion of dough is extended and filled with the sweet. It is joined in half and cut after joining the edge in the shape of a half moon and the empanadas are ready.

Step 7

The last step consists of spreading flour in a mold and placing the cut and shaped empanadas in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. They will be removed when they are golden brown.

Undoubtedly an easy, fast and not expensive way to make a different dessert with simple ingredients. Do not stay without trying the rich and exquisite cajeta empanadas.

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