Napoleon cake

Napoleon cake

The Napoleon cake is one amongst the favourite cakes of lovers of sweets. Well, it’s a awfully made and fresh flavor that may sweeten your roof of the mouth. Likewise, it’s a perfect course for a snack and it’s terribly economical to organize. Next, all the ingredients and steps that you just should execute to organize it’ll be bestowed. Thus, you’ll surprise your family and friends. you’ll love it!


You can get the ingredients to organize the Napoleon cake at any grocery store or store. a number of them might even be in your stowage. These are:

10 sheets of puff pastry.

1 metric capacity unit of milk at temperature.

5 eggs.

250 grams of butter.

100 grams of corn starch.

100 powdered sugar.

200 grams of sugar.


The process to create the Napoleon cake is easy and quick, since it’s not a awfully elaborate direction. you simply got to follow these steps:

Step 1

Place the 800 milliliters of milk and sugar in an exceedingly instrumentation. Then cook over medium heat.

Step 2

In another pan, beat the eggs and add the amylum. Then add it to the recent milk. it’s vital to not let it boil.

Step 3

Then begin stirring the mixture thus it does not clot throughout the preparation method. Once it starts to boil, let it cook for three minutes and keep moving the cream thus it does not burn on rock bottom. Well, it’ll take a nasty style and reserve.

Step 4

In a bowl, place the butter and powdered sugar. Then, with the assistance of the mixer, begin beating to urge a creamy texture. Then add the mixture ready within the previous step and blend it to attain the required cream.

step 5

In a medium mildew place a sheet of puff pastry in order that it covers the complete bottom and add the cream, spreading it over the complete surface. later, place a layer of puff pastry and repeat the method ten times. keep in mind that the portion of cream should be terribly skinny. At the tip crush a sheet of puff pastry to brighten. Also, you’ll be able to add insane and chocolate rain to style.

Finally, you currently skills to organize the Napoleon cake or thousand leaves, being an easy preparation to create, that doesn’t need you to be associate professional pastry cook. Thus, you’ll be able to fancy a delicious course within the company of your favorite ones.

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