Strawberry water

Strawberry water

If you want a refreshing drink that can accompany all your meals, rest assured that strawberry water is perfect. In addition to being healthy, you can prepare it in a short time, which can be considered as an excellent advantage. You can have this drink at home so you can offer it to all those who visit you.

Strawberry water ingredients

You don’t need many ingredients to prepare it, but that’s not all, since you can have it ready in a matter of five minutes. Remember that the amount of ingredients will vary according to the portions you want. The first step of the recipe to have a refreshing and exquisite drink such as strawberry water, consists of having the following ingredients:

10 mint leaves.

20 strawberries, these must be disinfected and well washed.

5 cups of water.

sugar to taste.

No Calorie Sweeteners, only if desired, this ingredient is optional.


Preparation of strawberry water

The moment you gather all the ingredients that you are going to use to prepare this recipe, proceed to separate them and leave them ready. Now, if you wonder how to prepare strawberry water, be clear that you must follow the steps that you will see below.

Step 1

Find a pot and add a cup of water, then add five strawberries. When it starts to boil, you should turn it off and wait for it to cool down, after that, proceed to mash the strawberries.

Step 2

Take the remaining fifteen strawberries and cut them in half.

Step 3

Add the mixture of the five strawberries with the cup of water, the remaining four cups of water, the ice, the sweetener, the sugar, as well as the fifteen halved strawberries and the ten mint leaves.

Step 4

Now you can serve this exquisite drink.

Strawberry water, in addition to being refreshing, can be considered one of the most typical drinks in Mexican territory. This is because all people decide to accompany their lunches and dinners with drinks as refreshing as this one. Rest assured that, once you try it and prepare it at home, you will never try another type of drink again, since this one can hook and conquer your palate immediately.

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